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If you want to lose weight by using the Keto Diet then these Keto capsules are IDEAL for you!


They’ve been specially designed for people looking to burn up fat whilst adhering to their Keto diet. They contain FOUR powerful Keto-orientated ingredients, which when taken together in each capsule, will help you to see the fat, weight and inches drop-off!


Each capsule contains these FOUR powerful ingredients!


MCT Oil ‘Ketones’ Powder

Medium-chain tryglyceride powder – the big-daddy of the keto diet! This is rich in fat, boosting your energy, and helping you stay fuller for longer! This MCT powder is ideal for KETO diets!


The powder is similar to coconut oil, a fat-burning super food. It can also help with ‘clean’ energy and brain function. In short, this is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight and burn fat – keto style!


High Protein Collagen Hydrolysate – 90% pure high protein!

Keto experts rave about it being the ‘first keto-friendly’ protein. On a keto diet, you need healthy protein and this bovine (beef) protein is ideal. It is hydrolysed,  meaning your body will rapidly take it on board. This protein can help with muscle building and recovery too, as well as energy.


We all know you need more protein to lose weight, and this 90% pure special ‘keto’ protein will help you get there!


High-Strength Green-Tea Extract – great for energy and fat-burning!

You may have heard of green tea. It is rich in polyphenols (which are great for you), and so are ideal for weight management and digestion. It’s also used for blood sugar control – so on all fronts, this is again for the keto diet and fat-burning!



Reports are legion online of DL-Phenylalanine helping to reduce and curb people's appetite.

This remarkable substance is found in high-protein foods, and is used by savvy bodybuilders and fitness pros to help cut fat and suppress cravings.


How does it work?

It’s thought DL-Phenylalanine helps boost dopamine levels in the brain – that’s the stuff responsible for reward and pleasure – hence it quashes painful appetite-based cravings...


These FOUR ingredients are all packed into EACH capsule of Ketosis Max



For an even more advanced fatloss, we recommend checking out our advanced pharma quality sarms.

Ketosis Max - Advanced Slimming 100 Capsules

  • Take 1 capsule first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. For more intense results, 2 per day spread evenly am/pm

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